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How to Wear Heels

Has it never happened to you, to see just the perfect pair of heels, the exact color and “oh wow, those seem really comfortable”, but then, after spending  a few hours walking in them, to silently curse the credit card that paid for them…

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What To Wear: A Fall Date

Meeting with your loved one on an autumn day will most likely require something cozy, comfortable and not very bright. To find a few ideas on how to style yourself on a few different occasions, keep reading!

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 Showing Off Your Best Assets

We’ve all been there.  Saw some clothing item sitting perfectly on the hanger in a store (or on a model online) but then once we try it on (even though we picked the right size) it doesn’t really work for our body type- at all.  Or after trying it on it seems to have distort your body making it look different then your original physical appearance.  Well here Lucca has constructed a list of clothing options for your specific body type - forget all the magazines that only give one or two options, lets get down to specifics. 

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Artist Spotlight: Matt Kouzin

When the Lucca team discovered Kouzin and the incredible drawings featured on his blog, we had to not only share it with you but also learn a bit about the boy behind them. Read on to get an insight into this rising artist’s wonderful world.

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5 Color Combinations to Brighten Up Your Apartment

For many of us, the hardest part about moving into a new apartment is making it feel like home. Bare white walls and empty rooms can feel like a fresh start, but they’re not exactly cozy. Turning that blank canvas into a warm, inviting masterpiece is all about purposeful use of color. Here are 5 color combos to brighten up a dreary interior.

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Behind the Channel: Vagabond Youth

I first came across Amy’s channel a couple of months back and I’ve been watching it ever since. From fashion and beauty to advice, Amy produces interesting and quality videos. I absolutely love her bubbly personality and caught up with her to ask her about being a youtuber and her personal style.

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Fall Flats

As women break out the flats in the city streets this time of year, here’s a breakdown for you on the best ways to wear flats!

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Reasons You’re Always Tired

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt totally drained, like you need to drop everything and take a nap. It’s completely natural to feel drained every now and then but when you feel tired persistently for days or weeks, that is a sign that you need to figure out what is going on. If your tiredness is affecting your day-to-day life in a big way, it’s time to discover the underlying cause…

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Makeover Your Mind 

All types of media are telling us how to dress and what to eat. Something that is often forgotten is mental well being. If you’re hanging on to resentment and negative thoughts, it’s time to give your mind a makeover. Seeing the glass half empty? Let’s switch to half full!

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How to: Style Oversized Sweaters

Big sweaters hit the runway, they trickle down into street style and end up in your bed with you. That’s the beauty of this easy and comfy item of clothing. I’ve picked out 4 good looks for your over-sized sweaters and here they are!

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Best Foot Forward 

While some of us are excited about getting back to our school routine and friends, others are dreading the first-day-back situations that they’ll be encountering. To prepare yourself for your worst case scenarios, it’s time to take a positive approach to your problems.

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The Benefits Of A Good Night Sleep

The long summer break is nearly over and with that so are the endless nights spent up until 2 am with no worry for school or work the next day. Getting back into a good sleeping routine is absolutely vital for your physical and mental health so read on to find out the benefits of a good night sleep!

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Avoiding Flu Season

The colder months are lurking at our doorsteps and the flu season is coming along with it. Follow these steps to avoid that runny nose and sore throat by building up your immune system!

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Effortless French Style

We envy french women for the je ne sais quois that is so characteristic of French style, the effortless unstudied chic of it: The tangled hair of Vanessa Paradis, the faded jeans of Charlotte Gainsbourg, the masculine shirts and ballet flats of Inès de la Fressange- the least you can say of them is that not one is notable for extravagance. French elegance is untamed, but never excessive.

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