Making the Best First Impression

It’s not what you said, it’s how you made them feel. It is clear that first impressions are extremely important. It decides how people will view you for a long time. It decides wether you get the job, whether you go on a date, whether you become friends with someone and whether you will receive help or not. This article does not contain the words of a scientist, a sociologist or a psychologist rather it contains the words of a young adult. 

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The Print Clash

Prints are the best way to make a casual outfit stand out. In fact, they never seem to go out of style because of the endless options that prints offer. Often seen in high fashion shows, street style, and more, prints are always something to keep your eyes out for!

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Spirited Away

With the fast paced lifestyle of the modern world, numbers of stress and anxiety are reaching new heights. It’s vital to take time for yourself to ensure your own mental well-being. Whether you’re religious or not, meditation is an effective way of reducing stress levels. Read on to find out how to slow down time with the art of meditation.

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Choosing the Best Wall Colour

While the most common wall colour is white it’s not always the most interesting and fun choice but when trying other colours you have to make sure that they’re the right colours for your particular situation. Below are some simple and handy tips that should help you out.

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Lace Up

When we saw sneakers on the Chanel runway we heaved a huge sigh of relief and gladly packed away the heels that gave us blisters and instead turned to our trusty old sneakers to take us places. Now a season or two later we can’t let go of these unbelievably comfortable trend so today I am suggesting amazing ways to wear different sneakers for different occasions. They’re just like heels, only more comfortable - I feel like that should be my new motto.

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Staying Connected in a World Full of ‘Connection’

Have you ever noticed that after a while of scrolling through feeds and feeds of social media, you begin to feel.. Well, disconnected?
Although sites like Facebook can make us feel connected, think about what you’re really doing on those sites. Most likely you’re scrolling through endless pointless statuses, liking photos you don’t really like, and clicking through other peoples selfies aimlessly. Here’s some tips to feel more alive.

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Back to Basics

The most overlooked pieces in fashion are the basics. They form the backbone of any outfit and while trends come and go, the basics are here to stay. This small list is the bible for every girl’s closet stables so keep it in mind when you restock your wardrobe! 

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Be Bold, Wear Bold

It is no secret that prints, patterns, and bold features are abundantly relevant in today’s fashion. But there is no doubt everyone is guilty of the crime of avoiding being bold. We cannot deny that luring worry that arises of whether we can ‘pull it off’ or the fear of standing out. But it is time to be bold and wear bold!

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Style Tips from Zoë 

Going to a new school or job can be an uneasy experience, but having to transition from a uniformed workplace or school to now a wear-whatever-you-want community can be just as scary and exciting.  You might be wondering: Where do I even start? Because you know those uniforms are not going to be the foundation of your new closet.  Here is my “From Strict to Style” style guide to prepare you for this fashion fiesta. 

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What to Wear: Shopping Trip Edition

When shopping, but more specifically, when on a shopping trip, you will most likely be doing a lot of walking, a lot of changing, all the while hauling around shopping bags.
Here are some ideas of how to stay stylish (and convenient) while shopping!

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Women’s Rights From a Young Teen’s POV

It’s no secret that the topic of feminism and women’s rights is a hot button topic right now. As an almost-15 year old, I feel that this is absolutely necessary.

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SXSW Summer Remix

A few short weeks left of summer so we threw together this small remix playlist to end your summer in style! Enjoy

Listen to the playlist here

- Hibou // Glow

- Singtank // Give It To Me

- Miley Cyrus (DJ Swoon Trap remix ) // Adore You

- Tei Shi // Nevermind The End

- MO // Waste of Time

- Bon Iver (Oliver Nelson remix) // Towers

- Rhye // Open

- Grimes // Genesis

- Lianne La Havas (Shlohmo remix) // Forget

by Angel / Photo by Sara Medina Lind

Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Rebekah Rubalcava

Meet Rebekah Rubalcava, 17 year old self-taught artist from New Mexico, USA. She is slowly gaining well-deserved popularity and recognition for her work on social media websites. I contacted her to chat about her art and inspirations.

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Styling Your Coffee Table

This table sitting in your living room is one of the funnest pieces of furniture to decorate. It’s such an important piece of the room and it’s vital to have just the right one. 

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What to Wear: Brunch Edition

Brunch: The best thing to do these days and a favored social outing. It’s the summer now so it’s time to break the bank and hit up the cafes! but what to wear? 

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